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Hi, and thanks for stopping by this page!

I love painting wildlife, particularly birds, and I would like to give you an opportunity to purchase a quality print (or two!) from my SHOREBIRDS COLLECTION.

Our shorebirds are increasingly challenged by human activities and if they vanish forever, not only will we lose their haunting cries and delicate beauty, their absence will signal our lack of care, and the subsequent loss of important habitats necessary for their success – and ours!

The beautiful image offered today is a no-risk purchase to help me spread my message of environmental protection into every home, and if for any reason you are not happy with your print once received, I will refund your money, no questions asked.

This delightful artwork will grace any wall, and to think of others enjoying my work as much as I enjoy making it - well, it’s a win/win situation isn’t it?

Also, this allows me to share my work and message with more people. The image may be a starting point for conversations about birds, wetlands and shore-lines, and how vitally important and beautiful they are.

So below this letter, I’ve laid out how you can make your risk-free purchase of this print at an amazingly cheap, freight-free, once-only price.

Numbers are limited. I can only offer one $15.00 print per person I’m afraid!

I love creating my art, so I want you to love what you receive just as much as I loved creating it.

This truly is a zero risk offer, just a heartfelt piece of art for you to try.

My true hope is that you’ll love what you receive and this will be the start of a great relationship for years to come.

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Jennifer Boyes

The SHOREBIRDS COLLECTION is based on birds I see every summer on the coast and estuaries close to my home. The images remind me of the smell of the ocean, the surge and lull of waves, wild weather, and good times spent walking on the beach. They also remind me of the resilliance of nature, and my desire for each small bird to stay safe and return again next year.

"Love, love, love my SHOREBIRDS print! Arrived safe and sound, no fuss, and just in time for my daughter's birthday. Thank you Jennifer Boyes." ... Pixie Garcia


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The endangered Eastern Curlew is a favorite subject for me. This little bird travels thousands of miles every year from Russia and China where it breeds, to Australia's East Coast where it spends the summer eating small crabs and crustaceans along its endless shores. Here the Curlew is safe and relaxed - a respite from its arduous migrations.


This painting is about the environmental dangers faced by Eastern Curlews on their travels. The perilous wave lifts and threatens to overwhelm unless the Curlew flies free in time. This is the moment when it realises it must flee.


Small as they are, Sharp-tailed Sandpipers migrate thousands of miles each year from the tundra of the high arctic in Siberia all the way to Australia's eastern shores. I love seeing them run on the sand, their bodies skimming above a blur of tiny legs! This picture reminds me of the paradox - great strength and endurance in tiny, fragile bundles of wing and bone.


Pied oystercatchers are often seen on reefs and rocky shores around Australia's east coast. Chunky and dapper, with brilliant red beaks and legs, I enjoy their business-like approach to finding food, steady and deliberate. This painting shows them oblivious to danger as the wave approaches - or are they just confident in their ability to survive?

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Bill Waterhouse

"Quality prints. Important message. Arrived unscathed. Beautiful on the wall."

Sam Monaco

"These pictures are so pretty. I got them for my Mum's birthday, but kept them myself LOL."

Leonie B

"Thank you the shorebirds are lovely. Can't wait to see the next collection!"

Lis Faenza

"What fascinating little birds! Your work inspires me."



Winner of the Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize 2005, Jennifer is an Artist known for her stunning mix of abstract backgrounds with figurative inclusions. She aims to bring an awareness of the beauty of the natural world into the hearts of everyone.

A resident of Braidwood, NSW, a regional town in Australia, Jennifer has been creating art for most of her life. She decided it was time to bring her message of environmental protection to everyone.

Jennifer’s artworks are bold yet subtle, beautiful and often haunting.

They are made to help you see the fragility of life in the face of overwhelming environmental change, and to understand the complex webs so deserving of our protection. Without our help, many species will be lost forever. She wants us to see that the power for this world’s redemption is in our human hearts and hands, and in our own ability to adapt.

Her artwork on your wall is created to help you remember that.